The difference between White & Mexican weddings


WHITES: send out invitations.
MEXICANS: send out maps.

WHITES: receive their invitations 3 months in advance.
MEXICANS: find out about the wedding 1 week before.

WHITES: have seven Bridesmaids..
MEXICANS: have seven Padrinos.

WHITES: RSVP their invitation.
MEXICANS: show up with three car loads.

WHITES: go to the wedding AND the reception.
MEXICANS: just go to the reception.

WHITES: have elegant food.
MEXICANS: have arroz, frijoles and birria.

WHITES: order the cake from a bakery.
MEXICANS: have their cake done by la seņora down the street.

WHITES: eat the food and cake.
MEXICANS: eat the food and cake.......... AND take some home para maņana.

WHITES: at the reception, they drink wine
MEXICANS: at the reception, they drink Coors, Budweiser. Bud Light ,
Bud Ice , Corona , Tecate, Pacifico, Casadores, Patron, Presidente, Jose
Cuervo , Gusano's, Reposado, etc........

WHITES: relatives get drunk and pass out.
MEXICANS: get drunk, shed a few tears and start singing to Vicente
Fernandez songs, fight.............then pass out.

WHITES: dance at the party...................YEAH RIGHT!!!
MEXICANS: dance at the party to Norteņas, Rancheras, Reggaeton, Rap,
Old School, Oldies, House, etc...............

WHITES: party ends at midnight.
MEXICANS: party ends when the COPS show up. lol

WHITES: wake up the next morning NOT WANTING another beer.
MEXICANS: wake up the next morning WANTING another beer.

Now, you know you were laughing - cuz you've done at least 6 of these

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