Family Biographies

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Entered the U.S. Air Force and traveled throughout the world.  Eventually retired from the USAF, earned a BS from University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters from STL Webster University.  Hobbies are watering and feeding the money tree to pay for children degrees; restoring a 67 Mustang; riding an ATV; remodeling; landscaping; web designing; Hot Wheels collecting; helping the kids as needed; and enjoying life. Life journeys with photos are found here: Travels.


Entered the U.S. Air Force, met & married the bum mentioned above (33 years ago) and earned a BS from Park University.  Recently retired from Federal Civil Service and now really enjoying life.  She is teamed with the Missouri House Rabbit Society of Fenton MO to care for abused, neglected and abandoned rabbits, almost a full time job.  Recently obtained 6 chickens.


Completed a Park University (GPA 3.5) Bachelors of Science degree; and a Masters at Lindenwood University (GPA 4.0).  Focusing on a career to be a Psycho doctor to fix dad and earn big bucks. Current hobbies are playing with her cats (Casper, Luna Oliver and Andi), juggling several jobs until her practice takes off and enjoying life with her husband Erik Reed (aka Hulk). 


Completed the Southwestern Illinois College (GPA 3.6) Repiratory program.  Her goal is to be a Certified Respiratory Therapist in 2016 and continue her education to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Her hobbies include finding clovers 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 leaf clovers, swimming, painting, drawing, and sewing. Dating Scottie Overbey, a machine operator at Lapham & Hickey Steel.  Their hobbies are watching movies, playing X-Box video games, and caring for their mini zoo of 3 fur-babies (Silly, Kika and Casper) along with two bearded dragons, 4 Leopard Geckos, and Betta fish.